The Team

During the 2023-2024 Academic Year, the Team is composed of more than 120 between undergraduate students and graduate students. Most of the Team members come from the aerospace, mechanical, electronic and computer engineering courses of Politecnico di Torino.

Face of Cristian Manfredi
Cristian Manfredi President
Face of Edoardo Viglietti
Edoardo Viglietti VES Chief Engineer
Face of Pier Luigi Mercadante
Pier Luigi Mercadante Efesto Project Manager
Face of Giovanni Del Vecchio
Giovanni Del Vecchio Chief Operating Officer

Vittorio Emanuele II Leads

  • Face of Edoardo Viglietti
    Edoardo Viglietti VES Chief Engineer
  • Face of Samuele Martello
    Samuele Martello Avionics
  • Face of Orlando Nardo
    Orlando Nardo Design & Additive Manufacturing
  • Face of Riccardo Di Maria
    Riccardo Di Maria Finite Element Analysis
  • Face of Mattia Saba
    Mattia Saba Mission Analysis
  • Face of Marco Donà
    Marco Donà Recovery

Efesto Leads

  • Face of Pier Luigi Mercadante
    Pier Luigi Mercadante Efesto Project Manager
  • Face of Giovanni Ferrannini
    Giovanni Ferrannini Engine Control Strategy
  • Face of Alex Jarod Sclafani
    Alex Jarod Sclafani Engine Cycle
  • Cosmo Spinosa Liquid System Architecture
  • Face of Isber Abdo
    Isber Abdo Test Bench
  • Face of Gloria Nallo
    Gloria Nallo Thrust Chamber Assembly

Operations Leads

  • Face of Giovanni Del Vecchio
    Giovanni Del Vecchio Chief Operating Officer
  • Face of Federico Guglielmi
    Federico Guglielmi Information Technology
  • Matteo Donadel Logistics
  • Yuri Valle Media


  • Face of Prof. Alfonso Pagani
    Prof. Alfonso Pagani Primary Faculty Advisor
  • Face of Prof. Enrico Zappino
    Prof. Enrico Zappino Faculty Advisor
  • Face of Fabio Meloni
    Fabio Meloni Founder & Senior Advisor
  • Face of Salvatore Lagrasta
    Salvatore Lagrasta Avionics
  • Face of Luca Loiodice
    Luca Loiodice Additive Manufacturing
  • Face of Matteo Crachi
    Matteo Crachi Efesto
  • Face of Francesca Bracaglia
    Francesca Bracaglia Finite Element Analysis
  • Face of Flora Punzi
    Flora Punzi Senior FEA analyst & Counselor
  • Lorenzo Pezzolato Additive Manufacturing
  • Marco Romano Delogu Thrust Chamber Assembly


49.6% 18.8% 6.0% 6.0% 16.5%

Members by program

  • Aerospace
  • Mechanical
  • Electronic
  • Computer
  • Management
  • Other
50.8% 48.4%

Members by level

  • Bachelor's
  • Master's
  • Ph.D.
69.8% 30.2%

International students rate

  • Domestic
  • International

Core members

Members after the first general meeting of the team
  • Alessandro Giacobetti Control System Engineer
  • Alessandro Nitti CFD Analyst
  • Alessandro Rabino Software Engineer
  • Alessandro Vignola FEM Analyst Engineer
  • Alessio Franco Software Engineer
  • Alessio Improta Engine Cycle Modelling Engineer
  • Ali Rahmatpour Product Designer, Graphic Designer
  • Amit Suresh Kaushik Design and Additive Manufacturing Engineer
  • Andrea Pantano Software Engineer
  • Andrea Manzo Design and Additive Manufacturing Engineer
  • Antonino Spadafora FEM Analyst Engineer
  • Antonio Sepe Propulsion engineer
  • Aurelio Maria Amato Hardware Engineer
  • Balkan Urkmez Design and Additive Manufacturing Engineer
  • Behdad Khodabakhshi Rizi Design Engineer
  • Benedetta Marazzato CFD Analyst
  • Can Dogrul Desktop Application Developer
  • Carmen Sonia Altieri Front-End Developer
  • Christian Biondo CFD Analyst
  • Cristiana Avati Hardware Engineer
  • Cristina Pecoriello Cryogenic system Engineer
  • Daniele Boccacciari Propulsion Engineer
  • Daniele Brero Recovery engineer
  • Daniele Pice CFD analyst
  • Davide Bruno Operational Excellence Specialist
  • Diego Bottegal Event specialist
  • Dimitri Mazzone Propulsion engineer
  • Edoardo Pagliano Recovery engineer
  • Emanuele Ronchetti Sponsoring manager
  • Emir Topakci CAD & AM Engineer
  • Erfan Khoini Design and Additive Manufacturing Engineer
  • Ettore Giuseppe De Bartolo Recruitment Specialist
  • Fabio Zeloni Propulsion engineer
  • Federica Carollo Propulsion Engineer
  • Federica Withmanthi Fernando Anjanpalage Event Specialist
  • Felipe Cuellar Facility Manager
  • Francesco Abate Avionics Engineer
  • Furkan Emre Agyel Embedded Hardware/Software Engineer
  • Gabriele Caso Propulsion Engineer
  • Gabriele Tanca Outreach & Recognition Specialist
  • Gianluca Paolicelli Hardware Engineer
  • Giovanna Santarelli Engine Cycle Modelling Engineer
  • Giuliana De Geronimo FEA Analyst
  • Giulio Balsano CFD Analyst
  • Giuseppe Barbera Software Engineer
  • Giuseppe Ribbisi Recovery Engineer
  • Giuseppe Riccardo Fornari Propulsion engineer
  • Giusi Raso CFD Analyst
  • Gustavo Lopez Structure Engineer
  • Harrshit Oruganti Sridhar Propulsion Engineer
  • Homer Valizadeh Embedded Hardware/Software Engineer
  • Huseyin Gulec Web Developer
  • Khalil Ekradi CFD Analyst
  • Kiana Kamali Poorshiraz Hardware Engineer
  • Linda Ennio Recovery Engineer
  • Lorenzo Faggion CFD Analyst
  • Luca Salvatelli Hardware Engineer
  • Marco Guzzon Propulsion Engineer
  • Marco Prodan Propulsion Engineer
  • Margherita Michahelles Propulsion Engineer
  • Maria Giulia Canetti Engine Cycle Modelling Engineer
  • Matteo Manavello Sponsoring Manager
  • Matteo Perfetti Cryogenic system Engineer
  • Matteo Petri Mechanical/Propulsion Engineer
  • Mattia Angirillo FEM Analyst
  • Mattia Curione Recovery Engineer
  • Mehdi Mansouri Web Developer
  • Mesut Berk Unal Design and Additive Manufacturing Engineer
  • Michał Zawadzki CAD & AM Engineer
  • Michele Rossetto Hardware Engineer
  • Michele Sannino Propulsion Engineer
  • Mohammad Yousefi FEM Analyst
  • Mohammadreza Sobhi Materials and AM Engineer
  • Morteza Moslehi Control System Engineer
  • Natia Sakandelidze CFD Analyst
  • Nicola Bruschi FEM Analyst Engineer
  • Nicola Montagner Control System Engineer
  • Nicolas Cerutti Recovery engineer
  • Nicolò Petronella Mission Analyst
  • Nicolò Vetri Design and Additive Manufacturing Engineer
  • Nikita Fusilli Grynchenko FEM Analyst
  • Nisanur Nagac RF Specialist
  • Niv Gilad Safety and Launch Manager
  • Oshani Kularathna Software Engineer
  • Paul Teo Davis Electronics Engineer
  • Pierluigi Petrachi Engine Cycle Modelling Engineer - Sponsoring Manager
  • Pouriya Salimian Rizi Control Engineering
  • Ramin Moradi Design and Additive Manufacturing Engineer
  • Ricardo Brunetti Safety Engineer
  • Riccardo Dipietro Embedded Hardware/Software Engineer
  • Riccardo Savio Propulsion Engineer
  • Rocco Donnola Hardware Engineer
  • Selim Kararti Operational Excellence Specialist
  • Silvia Semenzin Engine Cycle Modeling Engineer
  • Simone Edoardo Neri FEM Analyst
  • Syed Farooq Shah Social Media Manager
  • Tacan Avsar Embedded Hardware/Software Engineer
  • Tancredi Palumbo Engine Cycle Modelling Engineer
  • Tommaso Gualtierotti Embedded Software Engineer
  • Tuna Sahin Mechanical Engineer
  • Vincenzo Catalano Embedded Software Engineer
  • Vito Murgolo FEA Analyst
  • Zhu Ruoqing Control System Engineer
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