The Team

During the 2022-2023 Academic Year, the Team is composed of more than 85 between undergraduate students, graduate students, and PhD candidates. Most of the Team members come from the aerospace, mechanical, electronic and computer engineering courses of Politecnico di Torino.


  • Fabio Meloni nicely dressed

    Fabio Meloni


    Fabio has been the Team's President since its foundation in 2022, during his second year of undergraduate studies, and he is now a third-year Bachelor's student in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Torino.

    During his presidency, Fabio expanded the Team from 6 to 85+ members, involving undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral students. Besides directing the Team, he manages the relations with academia, private partners, and other institutions.

    Fabio is also the Chief Engineering of the Cavour Project, where he leads a subteam of 30+ students to research and develop Cavour, a reusable experimental suborbital rocket with multiple apogee and payload configurations.

  • Elena Dilorenzo nicely dressed

    Elena Dilorenzo

    Chief Operating Officer

    Elena is responsible for the Operations Subteam, which is in charge of logistics, outreach, and maintaining relations with the Team's partners. In addition, her work focuses on achieving operational excellence in the Team's technical and non-technical projects.

    She is now in her last year of the Master's in Aerospace Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, specializing in the Aeromechanical and Systems field.

    Elena was previously the president of AESA Torino - the Aerospace Engineering Students’ Association of Politecnico - a non-profit student group composed of 500+ members.

  • Luca Santoro nicely dressed

    Luca Santoro

    Chief Technologist and Head of Strategy

    Luca graduated in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico di Torino, where he is now a PhD student at the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering. After the foundation of the Team, he provided the human resources, a strong strategy, and technical support to the project.

    As Chief Technologist, he is in charge of making decisions for the technological infrastructure, in order to align it with the organization's goals.

    As Head of Strategy, he is in charge of all decisions concerning short and long term strategy, management, partnerships, cost-reduction, strategic initiatives and developing the Team's strategy and vision. The Head of Strategy is also the chairman of the Team's Advisor's board.

Faculty Advisors

  • Face of Prof. Alfonso Pagani
    Prof. Alfonso Pagani Primary Faculty Advisor
  • Face of Prof. Enrico Zappino
    Prof. Enrico Zappino Faculty Advisor

Project Cavour Leads

  • Face of Fabio Meloni
    Fabio Meloni Chief Engineer
  • Face of Salvatore Lagrasta
    Salvatore Lagrasta Cofounder | Avionics
  • Face of Luca Loiodice
    Luca Loiodice Design & Additive Manufacturing
  • Face of Marco Prodan
    Marco Prodan Recovery & Manufacturing
  • Face of Mattia Saba
    Mattia Saba Cofounder | Mission Analysis
  • Face of Edoardo Viglietti
    Edoardo Viglietti Finite Element Analysis

Project Efesto Leads

  • Face of Matteo Crachi
    Matteo Crachi Chief Engineer
  • Face of Cristian Manfredi
    Cristian Manfredi Cofounder | Coordinator
  • Face of Pier Luigi Mercadante
    Pier Luigi Mercadante Coordinator
  • Face of Luca Barnobi
    Luca Barnobi Test Bench
  • Face of Daniele Boccacciari
    Daniele Boccacciari Liquid System Architecture
  • Face of Gloria Nallo
    Gloria Nallo Thrust Chamber Assembly
  • Face of Lorenzo Guarino
    Lorenzo Guarino Engine Cycle

Operations Leads

  • Face of Andrea Pantano
    Andrea Pantano Logistics Manager
  • Face of Federico Guglielmi
    Federico Guglielmi IT Manager
  • Face of Alessandro Di Nuzzo
    Alessandro Di Nuzzo Media Manager

Advisor Board

  • Gregorio Torchia Legal Advisor
  • Mattia Trombini Engineering Advisor
  • Rebecca Masia Engineering Advisor
  • Gianluca Porta Strategy Advisor
  • Face of Flora Punzi
    Flora Punzi Senior FEA analyst & Counselor
  • Face of Francesca Bracaglia
    Francesca Bracaglia FEA Advisor
  • Face of Luca Santoro
    Luca Santoro Head of Stategy


56.3% 14.9% 9.2% 9.2%

Members by program

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Computer Engineering
  • Electronic Engineering
  • Physics Engineering
  • Other Engineering
  • Non-PoliTo
52.9% 42.4%

Members by level

  • Bachelor's
  • Master's
  • Ph.D.
71.8% 28.2%

International students rate

  • Domestic
  • International

Core members

Members after the first general meeting of the team
  • Abdullah Çelik Propulsion Engineer
  • Alessandro Di Nuzzo Media Manager
  • Alessandro Nitti CFD Analyst
  • Alessio Improta Propulsion Engineer
  • Alex Aiello Avionics Engineer
  • Alex Jarod Sclafani Propulsion Engineer
  • Alireza Khanzadeh Propulsion Engineer
  • Andrea De Masi Software Engineer
  • Andrea Pantano Mission Analyst - Safety and Launch Manager
  • Andrea Ruscica Mechanical Engineer
  • Areeb Ahmed Propulsion Engineer
  • Cosmo Spinosa Propulsion Engineer
  • Cristian Manfredi Liquid Propulsion Coordinator
  • Davide Parlato Propulsion Engineer
  • Derin Yilmaz Outreach & Recognition Specialist
  • Duru Duran Photographer
  • Edoardo Baraldi Propulsion Engineer
  • El Sheikh Isber Charbel Abdo Propulsion Engineer
  • Eliza Ciszewska Mechanical Engineer
  • Emir Topakci CAD & AM Engineer
  • Ettore Giuseppe De Bartolo Outreach & Recognition Specialist
  • Ezgi Yenigun Propulsion Engineer
  • Federica Carollo Propulsion Engineer
  • Federica Pellegrini Propulsion Engineer
  • Federica Portis Sponsoring Manager - Safety and Launch manager
  • Federico Guglielmi IT Manager
  • Gabriele Caso Propulsion Engineer
  • Gabriele Tanca Outreach & Recognition Specialist
  • Giacomo Luccisano Avionics engineer
  • Giovanni Ferrannini Propulsion Engineer
  • Giuseppe Barbera Avionics Engineer
  • Giuseppe Roccasalva Software Engineer
  • Giusi Raso CFD Analyst
  • Guglielmo Iacono Propulsion Engineer
  • Harrshit Oruganti Sridhar Propulsion Engineer
  • Hassine El Ghazel Graphic Designer - Software Engineer
  • Hojjat Miryavifard Propulsion Engineer
  • Iftekhar Anwar Propulsion Engineer
  • İlayda Deniz Bayraktar Propulsion Engineer
  • Jacopo Cerzosimo Software Engineer
  • Kacper Koncewicz Mechanical Engineer
  • Marco Guzzon Propulsion Engineer
  • Marco Magnanini Propulsion Engineer
  • Marco Romano Delogu Propulsion Engineer
  • Margherita Michahelles Propulsion Engineer
  • Maria Vittoria Giobbio Outreach & Recognition Specialist
  • Matteo Manavello Sponsoring Manager
  • Mattia Angirillo FEM Analyst
  • Michał Zawadzki CAD & AM Engineer
  • Michele Bordini Propulsion Engineer
  • Michele Sannino Propulsion Engineer
  • Mohammad Yousefi FEM Analyst
  • Mustafa Ulvi Aydin Mechanical Engineer
  • Nikita Fusilli Grynchenko FEM Analyst
  • Obaid Ur Rehman Web Developer
  • Oshani Kularathna Propulsion Engineer
  • Pier Luigi Mercadante Liquid Propulsion Coordinator
  • Pierantonio Bertuccio FEM Analyst
  • Pierluigi Petrachi Propulsion Engineer
  • Riccardo Di Maria CFD Analyst
  • Riccardo Terzo Propulsion Engineer
  • Samuele Martello Avionics Engineer
  • Suleyman Burak Deniz Propulsion Engineer
  • Syed Muhammad Ussama Zafar Propulsion Engineer
  • Tuna Sahin Mechanical Engineer
  • Wassim Cherkaoui Outreach & Recognition Specialist
  • Yuri Valle Graphic Designer
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